A Personal Perspective on the New Zealand Landscape

The Quiet Dog exhibition features Michelle Bellamy and David Stones:  A Personal Perspective of the New Zealand Landscape.  The opening is on Tuesday 12 February from 5.30pm.  The artists will be attending so come along and have a chat over a glass of wine.  

The Quiet Dog Gallery faces the Wakatu Car Park, just a couple of minutes walk from two other fabulous Nelson galleries:  Parker & RED.  

David Stones

Tasman based artist David Stones is a globally renowned artist. David Stones has been creating and selling artwork worldwide for well over forty years.

David Stones current works are a culmination of a lifetime interest in the stunning native bush of Aotearoa.This series of paintings champion the West Coast of the South Island.

These unique works include towering kahikatea, tangled vines, the chaos of flax and raupo wetlands with wind blown beaches strewn with gnarled drift wood.

David Stones implements a highly skilful technique involving layering, brushstroke and acrylic medium to compose these stunning pieces.

To the memory of Stephen Hawkings

The Big Bang

It was twelve years ago that l was working on a series of paintings related to the creation of the universe. The major work was following the theme of “out of the darkness” and the first moments after the BIg Bang. I was particularly concerned with the emergence of matter - especially organic matter with the expansion of the universe. 

Stephen Hawkings like most of the living scientists accept the BIg Bang Theory and the existence of Black Holes. Hawkings has helped us to further understand nature, our solar system and our galaxy, the Milky Way.

This painting “ In The Beginning” is one of a series that are the result of a creative act echoing the creative process of the universe. 

In The Beginning by David Stones

In The Beginning by David Stones

David Stones - Drawing of the Day


Rain  Forest


In recent times my son Damian suggested we both start a Drawing of the Day, using a variety of media; pen on pencil on paper, conte or charcoal on paper. I had been drawing on my iPad for at least five years, to use the latter medium therefore seemed to be an excellent way to proceed. I selected Facebook social media to get the images out to the widest number of viewers. Since then I have also used instagram. I prefer the later, as it seems to open to the largest audience .

The above image is my first example of my colour ipad sketch in a Rain Forest series. I hope you like it.