Shame! :

I came across the banner that I held through out the 1981 Springbok tour protests. It only needed one word...SHAME. This word has become synonymous with the tour.

In 1981 the segregated South African Rugby Team controversially toured New Zealand. The tour divided the country.  I actively participated in the protests and joined other artists in the movement "Artists Against Apartheid".  

The 1981 protests brought huge support to the anti- apartheid movement in South Africa.

 I went through my archives and rediscovered this series of works that I created to capture the passion and devision of the tour.

 "Cessna Hero"(1981) Mixed Media on paper

Cessna silhouette against Maungawhau (Mt Eden, Auckland), and Steve Bikos symbolic coffin with the Protestors.

"Opposite Sides"(1981) Mixed Media on paper"

Protestors holding their ground at the entrance to Eden Park, while rugby supporters enter the ground.
"Blue Squad vs Protestor"(1981) Mixed Media on paper"
 Protest leader standing his ground against the polices 'blue Squad' and their batons.
"The Cross of Maungawhau"(1981) Mixed Media on paper"
"The Vicar's Wife - Resisting Arrest"(1981) Water Colour on paper"
It was often dangerous and very frightening particularly protesting at midweek.
There were less protestors during the middle of week as many had to work but the police numbers stayed constant.
Here is an article on the tour:
High quality reproductions of the above works are available on request.


  • Tell the tale of the Artist Against Apartheid and the Mongrel Mob, David!

  • Fantastic imagery!


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